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Day 8 'Shopping' (window shopping) by MyodLiam2
Day 8 'Shopping' (window shopping)
At long last, the second drawing I wanted to do for Day 8! This time it's Alex and Jimmy window-shopping (respectively for clothes (or rather the clothes shop clerk, I think) and blades, lol) while James looks between them and taps his foot in impatience.

(I know that I only drew half of James.)

the Rendals (c) me do ont use without permission thank you
Hunter - Johns by MyodLiam2
Hunter - Johns
Finally a different Hunter char than Savannah! This is Johns, who is... our punchbag, mostly. Every bad things that's gotta happen in the novel; it happens to him. Poor guy. But I'm actually really fond of him.

He's Savannah's ally and travel compagnion, tho she's made an art out of dumping him to go roaming on her own. And he always chases after her... He looks young (I think he's around 24) but remember that Savannah is only 9! He's as close to a big brother figure as she's ever had. And he's completely smitten with her, too. (Just to be clear, since I'm not english and I'm not sure of the exact meaning of 'smitten': he's not IN LOVE with her, he LOVES her and watches over her. There's absolutely nothing strange or wrong about his feelings for her.)

Well that's it for this character. He only has two other weapons (a crossbow on his wrist and a long spear later on) and I doubt I'll draw them anytime soon.
And I still need to draw the Baron... He's the main character next to Savannah after all... Sheesh...

Johns, Hunter (c) my friend and me YOU CANNOT USE THANK YOU
Hunter - Savannah - Crazed Crossbow by MyodLiam2
Hunter - Savannah - Crazed Crossbow
Novel: Hunter. MINE. Savannah: main char.

The last one of her for now (but I've still got many more to draw): the Crazed Crossbow. Her usual bow is called Crazed Bow. I drew two here but she only uses one; this was so we could see both angles of the weapon on the same drawing.

Anyone noticed how much fun I had with her hairdo, too? =) I have one page full of 'em in my sketchbook. My friend and I are crazy that way.

Savannah, Hunter (c) my friend and me YOU CANNOT USE THANK YOU
Hunter - Savannah - Shooting Star bow by MyodLiam2
Hunter - Savannah - Shooting Star bow
Novel: Hunter. Belongs to my friend and myself. Savannah = main char.

Here with one of the (very numerous) version of her bow, 'Shooting Star', which is basically one very powerful arrow. We hadn't chosen the clothes she'd wear while using it, I found the idea while searching for inspiration on the internet, but I really like the japanese-style clothes and bow! (The actual japanese bow is upside-down compared to this one, tho)

Savannah, Hunter (c) my friend and me YOU CANNOT USE THANK YOU.


a.k.a. May Luyf
Nice to meet you!!^^
Alright, so I FINALLY logged in on DA. My dad's been telling me to do it for... like, a year!
Well, so first, please let me introduce myself: I'm Myod Liam (a.k.a. May Luyf), please call me Myod (or May if you want). I am almost 16 and I'm french, so I'm sorry if my english sucks. I usually write in English thought. I don't know if I'll make a french translation; at least definitely NOT for EVERYTHING I'll write here.
I don't have much to say, I think... I might post all the drawings I've already done so far (and I have been 'correctly' drawing for something like 4 years, you see...). I still sucks thought. Well, my friends say I'm kinda good, even the one that draws herself (and she's pretty good, too!), but in comparison to some Deviants... I just, SUCK, you see.
Yes, I noticed that I say 'you see' often. Looks like it's a verbal tic or something...
So, uh, please be nice to me... I guess? Thought construtive criticism (wow, not even sure I CAN say that... But I've seen it writen quite often so I guess I can... Yeah, just ranting to myself, sorry.) is more than welcome!
I guess that's that! (how many time have I said 'I guess' in two sentences? OMG...)
Ja ne, minna!
P.S.: I might use some japanese words. 'Ohayo gozaimasu' mean 'good morning' (it's polite, else it's just 'ohayo'), 'minna' means 'everyone', 'san' is the equivalent of 'sir' or 'Mrs' and 'Ja ne' is 'bye'

Bon, donc je me suis ENFIN inscrite sur DA. Mon père me dit de le faire depuis... genre, un an!
Premièrement, je me présente: je suis Myod Liam (alias May Luyf), appelez moi Myod (ou May si vous voulez). J'ai bientôt 16 ans et je suis française (on aurait pas deviner tiens!). Pour ceux qui ne comprenne pas l'anglais, au dessus je dit exactement la même chose. Sauf cette dernière phrase, bien sûr. Là-haut, je dis que comme je suis française, mon anglais est assez mauvais... Et que je ne ferais pas toujours des traductions françaises.
J'ai pas grand chose à raconter, je pense... Je vais sans doute poster tout les dessins que j'ai fait (et je dessine 'correctement' depuis environ 4 ans, v'voyez...). Je suis toujours nulle remarque. Enfin, mes amies me disent que je suis plutôt douée, même celle qui dessine aussi (et ELLE elle est douée!), mais en comparaison à certains utilisateurs de DA... Je suis just, NULLE, v'voyez.
Je sais, je dit souvent 'v'voyez'. ça doit être un tic de language ou quelque chose...
Donc, eu, soyez gentils avec moi, d'accord? Quoique les remarques constructives sont plus que bienvenues!
Je pense que c'est tout!
Ja ne, minna!
P.S.: je risque d'utiliser certains mots japonais. 'Ohayo gozaimasu' veut dire 'bonjour' (c'est assez poli, sinon c'est plutôt 'ohayo'), 'minna' veut dire 'tout le monde', 'san' est l'équivalent de 'monsieur', 'madame' ou 'mademoiselle' et 'Ja ne' c'est 'salut' (dans le sens de 'au revoir')

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