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Short characters descriptions:

Scott was a dark-skinned, bald man with fists the size of his own head (which Todd often joked was quite big, thought in fact it looked rather small on his huge body).

Todd himself wasn't small, with tanned skin and close-shaved dark hair. He was a twin blades wielder thought his defining trait was dexterity, with both hands and feet. Before he'd met the professor, he just used that skill to survive without really looking after himself; but now that he was here, Scott had been assigned to help him take care of his 'assets'. That meant the boxer wrapped his hands and feet in bandages at least twice a day, and Todd took perverse pleasure in undoing them again and again.


Todd is a mutant. He's just really agile with his hands and feet, and he used that advantage to survive alone in the street since he was a kid. Except that short period of his life that he didn't remember... What had he been doing then? Did something important happen to make him forget about it? … Oh well, what did it matter. As long as he survived...
That was, until he was taken in by Professor Charles Xavier, Prof X to his friends and students. The man was fond of lost causes, it seemed, as he'd gathered every wayward mutant this side of the Atlantic (and even a few from the other side).
And now here is Todd, backed up against a bed by a 6.2 feet tall guy with hands large enough to easily fit Todd's whole face in one (and Todd is starting to wonder if the guy – Scott – isn't actually considering it) and his twin blades slipping from his suddenly sweaty hands that he holds up in a show of peace, thought Scott isn't deterred in the least and keeps advancing until he's pushed Todd flat on his back and is kneeling on all four above him.
Todd gulps as the man's huge hands encircle his fragile wrists and press them (however gently) to the soft mastress.
A soft growl rumbles from Scott's throat and Todd whimpers, finally looking away from angry scarlet eyes to trail down a strong neck with bulging tendons, flat breasts with the nipples just peeking beneath the tight tank top that hides not an inch of the impressive six-pack, and-- yeah, Todd's not gonna look any lower. He was avoiding the guy's eyes, not checking him out.
« Are you done playing around yet? » Scott asks, in a voice so low and smoky that Todd swears he can smell sulfur on his breath, and he's about to shriek a docile ''Yessir'' when suddenly something grabs at his chest and /pulls/. Painfully.
His mouth opens on a gasp and he only has time to notice that Scott's eyes have gone from narrowed-down-in-anger to wide-open-in-surprise before his agile hands close on air and they're both sucked throught the mastress and into another dimension.

When he comes too, it's to Scott groaning from Todd's weight landing on him after their mighty fall and the sounds and feel of a tropical forest around them.
He looks up, shakes his head and rubs his eyes, looks again, and scrabbles off of Scott's lap while he's at it. The pain in his chest is but an ache now but its lingering proves that he did not just imagine it and the uncanny sense of familiarity makes him frown.
« Where the heck are we? » Scott asks, his ridiculously large hands smoothing the grass at his sides in an unchecked show of nervousness.
Todd looks around again, and suddenly, he remembers. This is-
« Home. » the small voice of a 6-years-old Todd answers, now sitting in the pile of his too-large clothes and the bandages that Scott had so painstakingly wrapped around his hands and feet and that he'd taken such perverted pleasure in undoing now laying around him in bundles of fabric.
From the trees surrounding them emerges the biggest baboons they have ever seen, and baby-Todd's yelp of delight is cut off when Scott scoots him up with one hand and brings him protectively to his chest, assuming a defensive position in front of the huge primates.
Todd wails once, and the baboons strike.
Mutant origins
Hi all! A small fic I wrote just now. Actually, what I'm posting was supposed to just be the synopsis, something I wrote so I don't forget the idea that I got from a dream I had a while back, but it ended up being well-written and I'm proud of it so I thought I'd share it. (The name might change, it's just temporary.)

I know it must not make much sense like this, so please allow me to explain:

First off, YES, the names are from X-men. I had the characters from Evolution in mind when I invented this (I am unsure if it was really the Evo chars I saw in my dream, since the traits I describe here are the only things I remember from the dream and they clearly don't match with the Evo chars, I embroidered from it after I woke up and I've got a pretty defined idea in my head now.) and I didn't bother changing them. I might if I decide to turn it into a actual original story one day.

Second, here's a very short synopsis: Todd is missing a part of his memory. One day, he gets sucked into some kind of dimensional portal and Scott, who happens to be touching him at the time (angry that the boy just can't leave alone the bandages he took so long to wrap), gets sucked in with him. They land in a strange forest where Todd is turned back into a 6-years-old kid who finally remembers the missing part of his memory: he'd been living here with baboons, who'd taken care of him as their own and taught him to use both his hands and feets with extreme dexterity (of course, Todd is predisposed thanks to his mutation). And Scott has to look after the kid and try to understand what the heck is happening and how to get back home. ... Oh, and how to get Todd back to an adult, too. Cause if he was annoying older, he is absolutely unbearable as a child. Especially since he doesn't trust the strange big monkey with such large, clumsy hands.


a.k.a. May Luyf
Nice to meet you!!^^
Alright, so I FINALLY logged in on DA. My dad's been telling me to do it for... like, a year!
Well, so first, please let me introduce myself: I'm Myod Liam (a.k.a. May Luyf), please call me Myod (or May if you want). I am almost 16 and I'm french, so I'm sorry if my english sucks. I usually write in English thought. I don't know if I'll make a french translation; at least definitely NOT for EVERYTHING I'll write here.
I don't have much to say, I think... I might post all the drawings I've already done so far (and I have been 'correctly' drawing for something like 4 years, you see...). I still sucks thought. Well, my friends say I'm kinda good, even the one that draws herself (and she's pretty good, too!), but in comparison to some Deviants... I just, SUCK, you see.
Yes, I noticed that I say 'you see' often. Looks like it's a verbal tic or something...
So, uh, please be nice to me... I guess? Thought construtive criticism (wow, not even sure I CAN say that... But I've seen it writen quite often so I guess I can... Yeah, just ranting to myself, sorry.) is more than welcome!
I guess that's that! (how many time have I said 'I guess' in two sentences? OMG...)
Ja ne, minna!
P.S.: I might use some japanese words. 'Ohayo gozaimasu' mean 'good morning' (it's polite, else it's just 'ohayo'), 'minna' means 'everyone', 'san' is the equivalent of 'sir' or 'Mrs' and 'Ja ne' is 'bye'

Bon, donc je me suis ENFIN inscrite sur DA. Mon père me dit de le faire depuis... genre, un an!
Premièrement, je me présente: je suis Myod Liam (alias May Luyf), appelez moi Myod (ou May si vous voulez). J'ai bientôt 16 ans et je suis française (on aurait pas deviner tiens!). Pour ceux qui ne comprenne pas l'anglais, au dessus je dit exactement la même chose. Sauf cette dernière phrase, bien sûr. Là-haut, je dis que comme je suis française, mon anglais est assez mauvais... Et que je ne ferais pas toujours des traductions françaises.
J'ai pas grand chose à raconter, je pense... Je vais sans doute poster tout les dessins que j'ai fait (et je dessine 'correctement' depuis environ 4 ans, v'voyez...). Je suis toujours nulle remarque. Enfin, mes amies me disent que je suis plutôt douée, même celle qui dessine aussi (et ELLE elle est douée!), mais en comparaison à certains utilisateurs de DA... Je suis just, NULLE, v'voyez.
Je sais, je dit souvent 'v'voyez'. ça doit être un tic de language ou quelque chose...
Donc, eu, soyez gentils avec moi, d'accord? Quoique les remarques constructives sont plus que bienvenues!
Je pense que c'est tout!
Ja ne, minna!
P.S.: je risque d'utiliser certains mots japonais. 'Ohayo gozaimasu' veut dire 'bonjour' (c'est assez poli, sinon c'est plutôt 'ohayo'), 'minna' veut dire 'tout le monde', 'san' est l'équivalent de 'monsieur', 'madame' ou 'mademoiselle' et 'Ja ne' c'est 'salut' (dans le sens de 'au revoir')

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